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Write Compound Word Riddles

1. Choose a compound word.

Example: bullfrog

2. Divide the compound word into its two small words.

Example: bull frog

3. Think of some things that help describe the two small words.

Example: bull--big, mean, matadors fight them, horns, frog--green, hops, eats flies

4. Write a riddle question using some of the describing words. Don't use your compound word or the small parts of the compound word in your question.

Example: What's big, green, has horns, eats flies, and hops over matadors?

5. Answer your riddle question with your compound word.

Example: Q: What's big, green, has horns, eats flies, and hops over matadors? A bullfrog.

6. Choose some more compound words and write some more riddles. Write a whole book of riddles!


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Original bunny climbing rope picture by Paige Miglio (copyright 2000 ©) from One More Bunny authored by Rick Walton.
Original purple monster picture by Renee Williams-Andriani (copyright 1998 ©) from Really, Really Bad School Jokes authored by Rick Walton.
Original bullfrog seated picture by Chris McAllister (copyright 1999 ©) from Bullfrog Pops! authored by Rick Walton.
Electronic modifications by Ann Walton.
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Last updated: October 25, 2002