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Types of Bugs

ant aphid assassin bug bean leaf beetle
bedbug bee beetle boll weevil
bumblebee butterfly cabbage worm caddis fly
carpenter fly carpet beetle caterpillar centipede
chigger cicada cockroach corn ear worm
cricket cucumber beetle cut worm damselfly
dragonfly earwig firefly flea
flea beetle fly fruitfly gadfly
glow worm gnat grasshopper greenbottle fly
grub gypsy moth honeybee hornet
housefly Japanese beetle June bug katydid
ladybug leaf hopper lightning bug locust
louse Mayfly millipede mite
mosquito moth mud wasp night crawler
potato bug praying mantis ringworm roach
sand fly sawfly scorpion silverfish
slug snail Spanish fly spider
spider wasp squirrel stink bug tarantula
termite tick tiger beetle tsetse fly
walking stick wasp water beetle water skipper
water striker weevil woodlouse worm

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Original bunny climbing rope picture by Paige Miglio (copyright 2000 ©) from One More Bunny authored by Rick Walton.
Original purple monster picture by Renee Williams-Andriani (copyright 1998 ©) from Really, Really Bad School Jokes authored by Rick Walton.
Original bullfrog seated picture by Chris McAllister (copyright 1999 ©) from Bullfrog Pops! authored by Rick Walton.
Electronic modifications by Ann Walton.
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Last updated: October 25, 2002