My name is Rick Walton. Among other things, I write for kids. On this site you will find information about that, and about other things.

This isn’t the prettiest site. I’m focusing on getting content up. When I can, I will work on design. But for now, it’s the ideas that are important to me.

Here are some things you will find on this site–

www.rickwalton.com–I have over 90 books published for kids. Here you will find info about my books, and so much more.

My picture book writing class materials–I have taught picture book writing for many years, and have several students who are now published. I am slowing down on the teaching, but still want to help those I can. With that in mind I have posted my teaching materials. Here you will find lots of information on coming up with ideas, writing, publishing, and being a writer.

Lists–I use lists all the time as part of my brainstorming process. Over the years I have created and collected LOTS of lists. Here are a few of them.

Thoughts on Important Things–Some thoughts on Humor, Stereotypes, Civility, Freedom, Rules, Offensive Language, Progress, Bullies, and more.


I have more things I plan to post to this site when I have the chance. Stay tuned…